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Viva WildSide's 13th Annual Sin City Soiree


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  • 2019 Viva WildSide Sin City Soiree! Las Vegas, Neveda, May 13-19, 2019, Bally's Hotel and Casino
    POSTED BY: Amy | DATE: Dec 12, 2018 - 11:28 pm

    I just want to let you know that “We’re Baaaaack!!!!!’ and the 2019 Viva WildSide registration is now available on Eventbrite. Once you register you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite. This will serve as your ticket to WildSide. Also included in the confirmation email are 2 links. One will allow you to signup for individual activities during the week. Please sign up for all activities you plan on attending. Yes, even the free events so that we can get a head count to give to the venues. The other link will take you to the Bally’s link so that you can book your hotel room for your stay. All rooms this year will be at Bally’s.

    You can register for the 2019 Viva WildSide Sin City Soirée via Eventbrite at the following link:

    WildSide's 13th Annual Sin City Soirée

    Since our initial invasion of Las Vegas in 2007, this amazing group of trans individuals known as WildSide has been bringing our signature event, the annual Sin City Soirée to the glitz & glamour capital of the world, Las Vegas, NV. The Soirée has grown from a small gathering of friends into one of the preeminent trans happenings of the year; bringing together trans and queer folks from all over the globe. Here is your opportunity to enjoy a whole week of authenticity packed with all the fun and excitement you can handle.As our visibility grows, so do many new and exciting avenues for the Soirée. One of those is our partnership with the Caesars Group. So for the third consecutive year, WildSide is proud to call Bally's Hotel & Casino our official home base. Bally's will not only provide some financial flexibility to our guests, but it now puts one of the most TRANStastic events on the planet right smack in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. What will never change however, is our commitment to presenting our guests with the same love and intimacy we've had since we started all this. The camaraderie that started with seven people in 2007 has carried on from year to year to now include hundreds from all over the globe coming together in love, support and empowerment. Beyond being the most epic trans party anywhere WildSide is about bringing people together. It's about forming friendships that will last a lifetime because once you join WildSide, you are family. And in this family, your only chore is to share your passion and support with your tribe. So join us on May 13 - 19, 2019 for a time like you've never had before.The Sin City Soirée isn't a convention. This is a community building, friend making celebration for trans and queer people of all kinds and from all over. Whether you are coming out for the first time, transitioned years ago or are ANYWHERE else on the gender spectrum, the Soirée is a non-stop, mega-celebration of friendship, community and empowerment of the highest order.For maximum enjoyment, just remember these simple rules of Soirée... -- Come with an open mind-- Come ready to push your personal envelope as far as you feel is right for you-- Come ready to make a lot of new friends-- Come ready to let yourself go and have the time of your life Come be a part of the WILDest, most amazing community of trans folks on the planet. Come take a ride on the WildSide.NOTE: This is to register for the event only. Your entrance fee, if you will. You will be sent a link via your confirmation email to our individual events RSVP page. On the Registration confirmation page and the Individual Events RSVP page you will also see a dedicated weblink to book your accomodations with Bally's using the special WildSide group rates. Please make sure you use the same email that you used when you register and check your spam/junk folders.-- When booking your hotel room at Bally's via the dedicated link you'll receive in your confirmation email, please choose JUBILEE TOWER Group Rates per guestroom, per night, single or double occupancy *Bally's: Su-Th: $62, Fri/Sat: $122, Ave: $78 *does not include taxes and fees

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