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Thank you for your donation to "Support Victims of Pulse Shooting" (Click to View or Hide)
Posted By SandyTg2 Jun 30, 2016 - 12:33 pm

Thank you to all who donated towards the WildSide Pulse Victims Fund. Thanks to you we raised $1,750 and we sent 100 percent of that to the organization. It's people like you that make this group what it is.

Hate and Bigotry are always in the shadows of strength and acceptance. Love wins.

Dear WildSide T-Girls Group,

Thank you for your generous donation to:
Support Victims of Pulse Shooting

Your payment will be received by:
Equality Florida

The amount of your donation is:

Posted By Andrea Scarlett May 17, 2016 - 9:03 pm

It was 2012, where I heard and attended this fun little event called WildSide. I felt happier than a bird with a french fry. I kept coming back for more, and as I did, I realized that fun was only part of the equation, it had a meaning that was truly bigger than what it started out as. I became more passionate about it, more involved, and then opportunity came knocking. I had the honor of having powers granted to me to help out, granted by the founding ring leaders themselves, Gina and Nikki. What happened? What started out as several people in Vegas (back in 2007) now grew into a celebration of life, friendship and unity of more then 230 people from 8 different countries. We spent over 10 months planning, making calls, exchanging about 1500 emails, I mean who else in the world does that kind of planning? Carnival in Brazil? The Tournament of Roses Parade? It takes hard work and it takes a village. For the 10th Annual Soiree, I was beyond a spring break girl, I observed and basked in glory, and what did I get in return? I got a gift that you can't put a price on, I saw smiles, I saw people glowing, I heard stories of how this event changed people's perspective, people coming out, crediting us for having the courage to be able to live an authentic life and be true to themselves, anywhere. We had people outside of our group show support for us, we made our presence known, and when the week long event was over, the payback for our efforts came in, endless hugs, the gratitude, and the tears of joy and longing, like David Johansen in "Scrooged" says, "Niagara Falls Frankie Angel". So thanks to everyone behind the planning and to all those who attended,  my heart goes out to Nikki and Gina for creating an event of epic proportions and to Amy Wiltshire for dedicating her life to this. It was a grand slam with a "Hit heard from around the world". This event has totally been re-defined, it's more than just a Soiree. It's an experience with a powerful impact. I will do this for as long as I live and in spirit. When my time on earth comes, I want to go to the pearly gates of Viva WildSide, and I want to see you all there greeting me as I walk up that orange mile. Viva WildSide 4 Life.

Love you all,
Andrea Scarlett

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