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40 Days To Go until the 2016 VWS Sin City Soiree (Click to View or Hide)
Posted By Amy Mar 29, 2016 - 11:00 am

We are down to 40 days to go to the start of the 2016 Viva WildSide Sin City Soiree. We are closing in on 200 attendees for this year. Surprisingly there are still 32 people that have registered for VWS but have not signed up for any events. While there is not much that can be done about peeps just showing up at public places where some of our events are being held like our Meet & Greet at the Tropicana Lounge, closed events like the Suite Party, Cabana Party, etc. will be monitored and if you have not registered/paid for them access surely will be denied. Sorry if this sounds petty but it is not fair to those that follow simple instructions and pay for events.

2016 Viva WildSide Sin City Soiree Updates - WildSide Chatroom (Click to View or Hide)
Posted By Amy Mar 19, 2016 - 8:57 pm

2016 Viva WildSide Sin City Soiree Updates.

The chat room on our website will be open for discussion for all things related to this year’s Sin City Soiree starting on Wednesday, March 23rd at 11:00 P.M EST and continuing every Wednesday at the same time until we all gather in Las Vegas to "Take a Walk on the WildSide".

63 Days to go until Viva WildSide's 2016 Sin City Soiree - Stats So Far (Click to View or Hide)
Posted By Amy Mar 6, 2016 - 12:02 pm

There are 63 days remaining until the start of this year’s WildSise - Sin City Soiree

What started 10 years ago with 7 internet friends meeting in Las Vegas for a week of fun has now become an international event.

Here are a few stats from this year’s event so far:

• 158 People have registered
• 7 countries represented
• U.S.
• 18 states represented
• The top 3 states in attendance are:
• California 77
• Arizona and New York 10 each
• Massachusetts 7
• Canada
• 3 Provinces represented
• Alberta
• British Columbia
• Ontario
• Great Britain
• Australia
• France
• Mexico
• New Zealand
• 1 Person has registered for events but not registered for VWS
• If you are this person please get yourself registered so you don’t miss out on anything
• 7 People registered with hotel only
• If you are one of these people please get yourself registered for VWS so you don’t miss out on any events
• 25 People registered as Big Sis's
• 21 People registered as Lil Sis's
• 70 People registered Ambassadors
• 56 People have registered for WildSide but have not registered for events
• If you are one of these please refer to your Eventbrite Registration Confirmation email to find the link to register for events during the week or contact Amy.
• 414 Room nights booked at the Tropicana (82% of the block)
• 31 room nights booked at other locations
• 1000+ emails sent/received in the planning of this fabulous event since 9/1/2015
As an FYI, the Rock Star Party Bus (only 40 seats remaining) and the VIP Night at Golddiggers (only 70 tickets remaining) are capped events due to limited space. These are filling up fast so get registered for these before they are sold out.

Please make sure you register for all events that you plan to attend (even the free events) so that we can give the venues an accurate count to avoid overcrowding.

Register for the 2016 Sin City Soirée via Eventbrite:

Book your accommodations at the fabulous Tropicana Hotel & Casino with the special WildSide group rate at:

If you have already registered the link to the events registration was sent to you in either our mass email to those previously registered or in your registration confirmation. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive these emails.

You can also check out the full itinerary at

WildSide's 10th Annual Sin City Soirée

Since our initial invasion of Las Vegas in 2007, the sorority of trans sisters known as WildSide has been bringing our signature event, the annual Sin City Soirée to the glitz & glamour capital of the world, Las Vegas, NV. The Soirée has grown from a small gathering of friends into one of the preeminent trans happenings of the year; bringing in friends from all over the globe. Here is your opportunity to enjoy a whole week of sisterhood packed with all the fun and excitement you can stand. This year is very special for us as we are celebrating our TENTH Sin City Soirée. What we started with just seven people in '07 has grown into an epic annual event of over 200 friends from all over the world coming together in love, support and empowerment. The magic happens Monday, May 9 - Sunday, May 15, 2016 and we will once again return to our Vegas home, the fabulous Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino! Join us for a week of fun, sun and a time like you've never had before with 200+ of your new best friends! The Sin City Soirée isn't a convention. There are no seminars or workshops here. This is a community building, friend making party for trans people of all kinds and from all over. Whether you are coming out for the first time, transitioned years ago or are anywhere else on the gender spectrum, the Soirée is a non-stop, mega-celebration of friendship, community and empowerment of the highest order. For maximum enjoyment, just remember these simple rules of Soirée... -- Come with an open mind -- Come ready to push your personal envelope as far as you feel is right for you -- Come ready to make a lot of new friends -- Come ready to let yourself go and have the time of your life Come be a part of the WILDest, most amazing sorority of trans sisters on the planet. Come take a ride on the WildSide. NOTE: This is to register for the event only. Your entrance fee, if you will. You will be sent a link from this account to our individual events RSVP page in your confirmation email.   The Tropicana Las Vegas is the official hotel of WildSide's 10th Annual Sin City Soirée. Please note that we only have blocked out a limited number of rooms at the WildSide group rate. If you wait too long to book your room, you may not receive the WildSide rate or in a worst case scenario, rooms at the Tropicana may no longer be available. A dedicated website has been created to book your accommodations with the special WildSide group rate at: Any and all hotel inquires should be directed to the Tropicana Hotel & Casino -- Email Address: -- Phone: 702.739.5400 -- Hours of Operation: 8 AM - 6 PM PST

Pool Party (Click to View or Hide)
Posted By Nikki Belange Feb 17, 2016 - 11:31 pm

I've had some questions asked about the Pool Party so I'll try to answer them here

Option 1 : $5.00 ticket, Admission only, no drink included
Last year the Tropicana charged us a modest $50 rent per cabana provided we committed to purchasing $200 of food and beverages per cabana . This year they upped it to $150.00 per cabana with a $250.00 f&b commitment. Despite my arguing, cajoling, squeezing, threatening, I couldn't get them to back down.
For this reason we added a nominal $5 admission fee to the Pool Party to offset the additional costs.
For someone who wants to just spend the time getting a bikini tan and doesn't expect to drink, this option is for you

Option 2 : $15.00 ticket, Admission and one cocktail
A standard poolside highball is $12.00, add tax and tip and your paying $15 plus.
We have purchased 100 drink tickets in advance and because of this " bulk buy" the Trop has given us a deal on the cost of each drink ticket. Because of this discount, we can offer a $5 admission plus a cocktail (incl. tax and tip) , a $20 value,  for $15.00
Any subsequent drinks you have will be cash at the regular pool side cost.
For someone wanting to spend the afternoon poolside with a frosty cool beverage, this option is your best bet.

We've had a couple of people that didn't understand it was option 1 OR option 2, .... and signed up for both.     If you are one of these people just see Amy at the WildSide Central desk Wednesday afternoon when she will be poolside and she will gladly refund your $5
If you signed up for option 1 and now want option 2, go ahead and sign up for option 2 and ask Amy for a refund of your option 1 $5 poolside Wednesday afternoon.


Tropicana Reservations for Viva 2016 (Click to View or Hide)
Posted By Nikki Belange Feb 11, 2016 - 9:21 pm

Click the link below to be taken to the WildSide/Tropicana Reservation Desk

The Tropicana website, as of Feb.11,2016, shows Club Tower standard rooms weekday price of $129 with a $25 dollar day resort fee.

The WildSide room price this year for the same rooms is $99 weekdays, $150 Friday & Saturday, with a resort fee of $10 a day

All Vegas hotels add 8.1 % sales tax and 12% Clark County hotel tax

Special Viva 2016 Announcements (Click to View or Hide)
Posted By Nikki Belange Nov 5, 2015 - 9:08 pm

Paypal's refund policy allows for the processing of refunds back onto credit cards ONLY up to 60 days after date of purchase. After 60 days they have a more complicated procedure involving creating a Paypal account yadda yadda yadda............
Every year some have their situations change, have to cancel their plans and want a refund. Thats to be expected, no problem. Last year at least one was unhappy when they had to cancel a few months after paying. They refused to follow PP requirements and blamed us for Paypals " after 60 day refund procedure"


NO REFUNDS will be given after 60 days from date of purchase.
Please keep this in mind when planning your trip and paying Registration and Activity Fees.


Every year we hear from a few people who are disappointed because they missed out on an activity or their   general enjoyment was negatively impacted because they werent aware of some detail(s).
Thing is, every year all the details are posted here at the website , often in more than one place around the site.

To maximize your enjoyment PLEASE take the time to scan the site at least once a week in the months leading up to Viva, to stay abreast of new devolopments and details relating to the event.

Look here, on the Special Viva 2016 Announcements  board , as well as Forum threads, for information and updates

Viva 2016 Registration (Click to View or Hide)
Posted By Nikki Belange Nov 3, 2015 - 8:40 pm

Hey Kittens, IT. IS. ON!!!

Event and hotel registration for WildSide's 10th Annual Sin City Soirée is now OPEN! By following the link below, you are able to register for the Soirée and also make your hotel reservations at the fabulous Tropicana Las Vegas using the special VWS rate.

The registration fee is basically your entrance fee to the Soirée. Once our itinerary is finalized, you will be notified via email with a link to RSVP for individual VWS events like the RockStar Bus Tour, Pool Party and all other 2016 Sin City Soirée events. Please take a moment to read all info on the registration page carefully. There you will find a link to a dedicated web page set up by the Tropicana specifically for WildSiders to make their hotel arrangements (Rates good through April 6, 2016).

The time is now! Be part of our biggest and WILDest Soirée yet!

To register:

What is going on with WildSide Gals and Guys? (Click to Close/Open Status Window below) (May 3, 2016 - 2:47 am)

Updated Profile Picture

1 love 1 like 0 dislike 0 hate
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ChristinaLace wow rock that skirt girlfriend...
Apr 28, 2016 - 3:51 pm 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate
Melissa Garcia Thanks hun
May 2, 2016 - 2:42 am 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate
JustJulie I have to say, i don't see a single flaw in this photo.  ;)
May 3, 2016 - 1:33 am 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate

What Happed to Renee Today?
May 2, 2016 - 11:53 pm
Wishing all the Girls A Great Wildside Week. Not able to make it this year, but looking forward to living vicariously through all the pictures of the fun events and happenings.  Big Hugs and Kisses to all of you, and if you are ever in Los Angeles on the last Tuesday of the month be sure to check out Temptation Tuesday!  (email:


News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day.

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New Profile Update from JessK
May 2, 2016 - 11:42 pm
Updated Profile Picture

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JessK Finally uploading a few pics from my phone (I kinda failed and uploaded everything twice.)  Looking forward to meeting everyone. I'll be arriving Thursday morning, feel free to ping me on kik: JessK76
May 2, 2016 - 11:42 pm 1 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate

New Profile Update from cherrys
May 2, 2016 - 5:07 am
Updated Profile

Hi gurls I will be in town wed may 11 thru sat may 15. I hope to meet some fun gurls to have a good time with. I wet last year and year before, but I am kinda shy so have a hard to time meeting and mingling. So don't be a stranger and say hello..


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Amy Cherrys, When you get to Las Vegas please come to our "WildSide Central" hospitality table at the Tropicana and make sure you introduce yourself to me.I want to help you to meet others so that you will have a great time. Amy
Apr 20, 2016 - 10:04 am 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate
Amy By the way, are you staying at the Tropicana or a different hotel?
Apr 20, 2016 - 10:05 am 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate
cherrys No I am staying at the westin which used to be the las vegas Hilton I will stop by I arrive Wednesday but.may be in boy mode when I arrive I can't wait where is hospitality table and what time will u be there
Apr 20, 2016 - 11:54 pm 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate

Updated Profile

Hey girls, thanks to everyone who have been messaging me and sending me friend requests. I just wanted to mention YES I will be at the event in Vegas. Feel free to say hi if you see me there.

I arrive Wed at noon so I should be at the pool party by around 2PM hopefully.

See you all soon,


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Andrea Scarlett Great, we look forward to seeing you.
Mar 10, 2016 - 3:54 pm 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate
Jennaxdrz Hey gurl Im Jenna I too am new to WS k honey will be a pleasure to meet you too and the other gurls xoxo
Mar 30, 2016 - 4:17 pm 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate
cherrys hi hon I hope to meet you I am cherry
Mar 31, 2016 - 4:24 am 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate
Amy Welcome to WildSide! See you in Vegas soon.
Mar 31, 2016 - 2:37 pm 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate

Updated Profile Picture

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Updated Profile

I created this profile since I'm friends with a few of the ladies from the LA area. You can see me once in awhile taking pictures at the local clubs (especially Hamburger Mary's)...and a few of those pictures I've taken can be found on some of the profiles here lol.

As many will tell you, I have the utmost respect for all of the ladies here, and I consider many (if not all) good friends.

You ladies are fun; I found that out first hand in 2013. As recommended by my photography mentor Al, I made sure I stayed in Las Vegas for more than one day...and boy was it a blast. Even though I was there from Wednesday to Sunday, I had some of the most fun in LV I had EVER had. Since then I've tried to make every WildSide as possible.

I do want to thank you all for letting me be a part of the group and for letting me document most of the shenanigans we all got into. I'm looking forward to the next gathering...and I hope everyone else is as well. Viva Las Vegas!

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New Profile Update from MIzzMolly
May 1, 2016 - 12:48 pm
Updated Profile

Part time CD who only dresses on occasion when I can. Live my life as a masculine male but love to dress up and feel sexy as this is where I feel my sexuality really comes out to let loose. Still changing, evolving, and learning.

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What Happed to SandyTg2 Today?
May 1, 2016 - 1:39 am
I hope this changes but from the looks of the 10 day Weather Forecast I get to be driving into thunderstorms in possibly Oklahoma. :p  Not going to be fun if that is the case
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JessK Drive Safely!
May 1, 2016 - 2:03 am 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate
SandyTg2 The last time I drove the southern route it was wind gusts of up to 70 mph through Texas and New Mexico.  It ripped off weather stripping on the top if my windshield and almost toppled a couple of semis in front of me. :p
May 1, 2016 - 11:29 am 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate

What Happed to Candi Lips Today?
Apr 30, 2016 - 4:45 pm
Is anyone planning or are they any scheduled trips to the Erotic Heritage Museum?

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cherrys Hi hon I would go with u I know Jessica she is a tg friend of mine who works there
May 1, 2016 - 4:14 am 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate

New Profile Update from cindy c
Apr 30, 2016 - 11:34 pm
New Profile Added

cindy c

Real Name: cindy chablis

City: glendale
State: California