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The Story of WildSide

Mar 9, 2016 - 2:22 pm
Posted By Nikki Belange

From the look of this site, the wonderful & eclectic people connected with it, and the ever flourishing reputation WildSide has in the Transgendered world for fun, love and support; one would think that the origin of WildSide was a grand event on the scale of creation itself. A gift forged by the gods, " on the 8th day there was WildSide. " LOL

But alas, it's origin is based in a much less complicated ideal. An ideal where humility, love and a genuine desire to help trans people of all stripes was fostered. The mission became clear; to spread their unique brand of love & support amongst their TG sisters and supporters, enlighten the masses, and make this happen while having the time of their lives ..... and look ABSOLUTELY STUNNING doing it.

This then is the story of WildSide...

It began under the guise of a simple transgendered web group on the fetish site called Alt.com. It was founded in 2005 by Shannon S., who had taken an interest in the web groups of Alt and began to look around for one that suited her wantonly playful personality. She was hard pressed to find a group that really satisfied her needs, so she decided if she couldn't find the group she wanted, she would create it herself. After it's creation, Miss S. spent many, many  months scouring the profiles of Alt, inviting the hottest, coolest and most interesting trans people she could find. In the next two years she took WildSide from a fledgling group to the largest TG related group and the second most active of any group on Alt.

There was always lively and provocative discussions going on in the discussions forums. The group featured a collection of sweet & sassy people from all parts of the globe. The vibe was always one of total support and welcoming. Regardless if one was a 24/7 transperson or someone who just might have an inkling that something in them was a little "different", WildSide became their destination. It was a place where people felt they belonged, cozy and warm like going home. People became connected there, and in the crazy and often times harsh world of the transgendered individual, having a place to go (even in the cyber world) and just be themselves is a HUGE asset to be able to retreat to. People found solace and empathy there, along with a lot of fun and sexy discussions, WildSide became more of a family than just a bunch of strangers linked by computers from about the globe.

In 2006, while in the GenX room at Alt, Shannon mused how kewl it would be if members of the cyber social group actually met and socialized in person. She mentioned an annual event she had her of, Diva, a yearly coming together of trans people, and suggested that perhaps that would be a good event for WildSiders to meet at. Nikki was in the chat room that nite and thought it was a fabulous idea !!! She began researching, that turned into planning and organizing and the first Viva/Sin City Soiree was born.  

So what had started as a simple web group created by the beloved Miss S. in 2005, and what ten people perpetuated by deciding to get together and have some fun on the Vegas strip in 2007 has blossomed into this phenomena of epic proportion you see before you and what is probably what brings you to the site you are on now.

Alt.com will always be the original home of The WildSide and all are thankful for the role it has played in this saga, but there comes a time when the child must leave home, venture forth and seek their fame and fortune. This time has come for the WildSide. Through the EXTREMELY hard work of WildSider Sandy Dickenson, (who won the coveted Viva Vixen award at Viva 2010 for her bravery and growth in coming out and embracing her inner star), The WildSide has a shinly new home that takes all the best that Alt and the original WildSide web board had to offer, and makes it 1,000 times better!

This site was created to further spread the WildSide way, which espouses support and love for ALL trans people, everywhere and to enlighten the entire world to the transgendered and what wonderful gifts they have to share. This new home will serve as a home base for the new and improved WildSide web group, which embodies the very essence of the group...fun, sexiness and love! It will also be your information portal to  everything pertaining to the future Sin Sity Soirees, as well as other WildSide events.

Along with expanded personal profiles and photo galleries, there are also new and improved forums where users can post links and photos and any sort of information they see fit, without the fear of reprisal from the dark Alt overlords. Same goes for the smart and sassy new chat room, where WildSiders can gather and share ideas, support, information and love; doing so free from the quite restrictive ways of the old home site. This will also be the only place where one can peruse all the pictorial historys of previous Sin City Soirees in all their glory.

While WildSide has a reputation for parties par excellence, there is much more than just boozy good times to our band of merry pranksters. The WildSide's signature grace is it's supportive and welcoming spirit. The love, camaraderie and friendship fostered back in the early days of Miss S's creation, lives on today. This site and the Sin City Soiree are all about fun and good times of the highest order, but it's much, much more than that. They strive to give transgendered people an opportunity to be amongst others of the same kind. To walk & talk with them. To feel one is not alone in their trans endeavors . To be able to experience life on their own terms. The focus is to nurture and respect the power that is WildSide and pass it on with love and care to those that follow.

That's why they say..."WildSide isn't just a group, it's a WAY OF LIFE!!"

"Being the massive otaku I am, the moment that I accepted myself the first thing I did was write my birth name in my Death Note (Birth Name), killed by (Chosen Name)."
- Anon