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New Profile Update from Michelle
Oct 30, 2014 - 7:03 pm
Updated Profile

Closet crossdresser who loves being en femme. Want to get more involved in the TS/TV/CD community. I am very well adjusted and accept the fact that I am a guy who likes to become a girl from time to time. Trying to find some friends close to where I live that share my hobby and would like to dress up together. I am happy with being a guy but I want to get in touch with the feminine side of myself more. I want to exist as a girl outside of my house one day. For now, I'm going to put on some makeup, tight mini dress, pantyhose and high heels and imagine the day I can go out in public like this without such trepidation.

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What Happed to Michala Today?
Oct 28, 2014 - 10:18 pm
Just curious on VWS15?
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Updated Profile Picture

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Updated Profile

Hola!! I am just the All American type of gal here...Used to work for Disney, Knott's, Amtrak, so it loving...always try to be's no fun hanging around negative folks! And believe in the "Golden Rule" You know it! Grew up Catholic. You know those repressed Catholic types.

And I dress to please, if just for me and a must to have sexy lacy thigh stockings, with garters of course....and sexy heels. I am true and genuine and love pay attention to details and please my mate. Just look at my smile. I am like no other and want to be in a loving relationship. I love to look classy and sexy. No games for me, I am too old, or too young for that! And still a kid and oh so fun as well. I have many more pics under under Flickr as well, if you need more for those visual types. All in the last year and half, so no false advertising here. I don't "do" false advertising, so please have a decent and full profile up

I am very intuitive and used to interview folks from all walks of life, so can pick out the ones that are not true and genuine in a heartbeat....yes, I am that one would have a clue, but I used to carry a gun for a living....(glock if you must know) don't do it now, nor do even own one anymore, no need.....I am in the more progressive water industry as water in operations as water is a positive commodity, nothing negative about good clean water, and no one really knows all the systems, checks and balances, testing and quality monitoring it takes to deliver it to your faucet. Plus one has to pay thru the nose for it now days, so a great place to be in industry wise. .

So just a lowly master’s student in Environmental Engineering, so designing is what I would like to do of the systems involved in treatment/distribution systems. It's a lot of fun going back to school, as I am the minority now. Have a nice 3.63 Masters yes, cute and a bit smart! :) Love having fun took a scuba class an now taking several cooking classes, a golf class, as well as a calculus and several Masters Engineering classes, so my time will be a tad limited now as the Fall Semester just started. So, Scuba is water related! And well golf uses water, indirectly. And food class’s uses water as the universal solvent, so it's all related!!! So I can justify anything as it's the Catholic way! LOL

My Ideal Person: Cute and somewhat dominate woman, and has to be classy and sexy, honest and true like me!! :)....And shaves fully.....hate body hair!! Except on your head! :) Let’s communicate and rendezvous if the chemistry is there! :) Up on FB under Felicia Alexis if you use that venue. :) Thanks for stopping by.......Felicia

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What Happed to Lydia L Today?
Oct 19, 2014 - 9:23 pm
Bad Ghouls, Bad ghouls, bad ghouls... whatcha gonna do when they cum for you?

Are you planning for an over the top Halloween costume and outing for this next Halloween? A Friday nite party event has to be close to prime time.

Envy you gals in the big cities. I intend to dress, although parties to attend may be few and far.

So, tell us, what are you planning for Halloween Eve 2014?
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New Profile Added


City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Country: United States
Sex: Male
Age: 53

status updates Gallery

I'm looking for some occasional dates in or out...

NSA good times.

I'm 6'3", good shape and fun to hang with.

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What Happed to SandyTg2 Today?
Oct 18, 2014 - 5:31 pm

Rally held after transgender woman attacked in Bushwick, Brooklyn
ABC7 New York

The NYPD is looking for four men who viciously attacked a transgender woman who is now fighting for her life.

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