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May 25, 2017 - 12:10 pm


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    My name is Jaimie. I had a great time at my first Wildside in 2017. I hope to return in 2018 and see some old friends as well as make new ones. If you want to see the highlight of my trip you can watch it here.
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    Maddie Sometimes - Feb 28, 2017 - 1:09 am
    Hey Jamie, Glad you'll be joining us...looking forward to meeting you! 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate
    Andrea Scarlett - Nov 23, 2016 - 7:49 pm
    Hi Jamie. 0 love 0 like 0 dislike 0 hate

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"My mom thinks that because she's calling me by my name, she's respecting me as a guy. I've never ONCE heard her call me a 'he. "
- Anon