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    Hello...thanks for checking out my profile; Well, I'm a 45 year old CD who has been dressing off and on for a couple of years now.

    There are a lot of misconceptions about cross-dressers, namely that we're gay and dress up solely to attract men or that our ultimate goal is to undergo sex reassignment surgery. While this can be the case for some most CDs are straight and have no interest in becoming women. Some people consider it unhealthy and perverted, a waste of time and shameful, but come on...what's so bad about exploring gender and understanding yourself and your bigger picture? Of course it can consume people, but like most things, you've got to strike a balance. It's about compromise as well.

    I've always felt like my life has been an evolving journey, and I'm now dealing with the complicated issues of being a crossdresser. I so admire those that are stronger than me, and that they can come to terms and be the person they were ment to be, so I will say I do enjoy being both and have learned to live with that.

    Why do I cross-dress? I had a great childhood with lots of opportunities and wonderful parents and, looking back, I wish I could repeat it. I was a fairly regular boy. In the winter I played outside, and in the summer I participated in summer activities. I was just a quiet, and painfully shy.

    I have gone into more depth with my crossdressing the past few months, I love to dress fully enfemme....completely shaven, makeup, nails etc. I love feeling like a beautiful woman. I love feminine lingerie, corsets, nylon stockings, sexy heels, shopping, nails, and shoes.

    I'm completely shaven, and do it everyday, I have gotten better with makeup and although I know I am not fully passable as a genetic woman, I have a huge adams apple, broad shoulders, and deep voice.

    Yes, I like being a guy. I like being able to pee standing up. I know there are certain privileges that men enjoy. There are disadvantages too. Being a male or female is its own experience; it can be a gift for some and a nightmare for others. Somewhere, somehow it became apparent to me that I had this other side--a "feminine" side--that wanted to make itself known. I think it may have always been there--I just never cared to or knew how to find it. I guess I still don't know how to define it, but now I guess I will explore it.
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    Pauline Kraft - Oct 20, 2016 - 9:24 pm
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    Andrea Scarlett - Oct 20, 2016 - 8:54 pm
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"Being the massive otaku I am, the moment that I accepted myself the first thing I did was write my birth name in my Death Note (Birth Name), killed by (Chosen Name)."
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