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Becoming feminine by evolving from Drag

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Put away your pitchforks and torches and give my post a chance. I know many aren't big fans of Drag but despite the few people who do it that are lame, their craft has something we all can learn from, so SHHHHHHHH and read. K, thnx, bye.

The way I have learned and evolved at doing makeovers was from my roots as an assistant for a local Drag Queen. However, those skill didn't translate well when working on genetic women. So I went to school and learned a lot more than I bargained for. I figured out that between cis-gender makeup and drag makeup there was a happy medium that worked really well for those just beginning their transition.

Drag Makeup is essentially stage makeup. In dark lighting or on stage it looks fabulous, but in normal lighting and daylight you look like a walking-talking seven layer plus cake.

Makeup for Genetic women has evolved over the years to wearing barely any at all. I have seen and have heard from many in their journey to transitioning that this way of makeup can look "wrong" or just isn't enough.

Neither of these styles carter well to those starting transition (before all the hormones and facial restructuring I mean) especially if they want to go out in the day time and not get clocked.

So how do you find that happy medium? I would suggest working backwards from one spectrum to the other. The easiest way I found to do this is working from a full drag look and slowly evolving it toward Genetic Female makeup. IE: Going from using lots of makeup and slowly take away layers/rough-harsh lines/and extreme contours and highlights. Why would this be easier than going from the least amount of makeup and work towards more? It gets muddy and sloppy. Trying to make something simple and make it complicated will just make a mess, and no girl should look like a mess. It is easier to take away than it is to add in this case. So if you have spare time and are able to practice, study a Drag tutorial on Youtube or from a book or from a friend who does drag, study the techniques and slowly take steps away, use less and less coverage, less and less extreme highlight and contours, and go from harsh lines to softer lines. Eventually you are going to find that spot where it looks less like a cakey mess, and more flattering for your face, but not too little to do you no good. As your face changes with hormones and restructuring and hair removal you can take more and more away until you are at that point where you can wear as little makeup as any GG and still look fab.

If you put in the effort and the time, you'll find that look that works best for you.

As I finish writing this I can hear many of you girls rolling your eyes at how obvious this post sounds. Well guess what, this post isn't for you because you have already found your look, and not everyone has figured it out for themselves. (Or you're too lazy or unaware that you look like a hot mess :p Just kidding!)

So for those who are interested in practicing here are some Youtube inspirations to help you find your happy medium:
/videos" target="_blank">

There are more, but my kitten is distracting me, and I am sure ya'll can participate and share your inspirations.

Cheers~ xoxoxo

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Ya know something Amanda, you're right. I admit DQ's are pretty crafty when it comes to make up and fashion. I remember one teaching me how to fix the ends of a ribbon. (you use a cigarette lighter to seal the edges). So with that, I have to agree.*douses torch and hands Amanda a kitten*

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